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The global brand of the Brunetti Hermanos Group develops equipment and machinery of high technological value but designed for EVERYONE. Meats matured through the Dry Age process are the latest trend in haute cuisine. The dry maturation procedure consists of a slow and controlled curing in which several factors are taken into account among which we can highlight: Temperature humidity and air renewal. In a good dry maturation a thick layer similar to a crust forms on the meat. This coating allows the interior of the meat to be isolated and allows the muscle to become meat expressing its maximum levels of juiciness and flavour intensity allowing a more elegant and delicate texture as well as a concentration of flavours giving the result is succulent meat and a long deep bite. Brunetti Hermanos DRY Aging Fridge is not just limited to aging beef. It can also be used to age and store an incredible number of products such as sausages ham poultry pork game meat fish cheese wine champagne and many more products that can benefit from the DRY AGING.